Securely share and send your files

Setle empowers freelancers by allowing them to send out a project's creative, but holds the working files in an escrow system until the client pays.

Setle was created to solve the problem that most freelancers and small agencies have – getting paid on time. 351 Studios came in at the earliest stages, to help design the brand identity, refine the brand mission, design UX mockups for the web application and lead development on the project.


Branding, UX Design, Web Development, Marketing


Website, Web App, Social, Print

A Central Project Hub

Setle is a platform for any type of creative person. When designing the identity and web system, it was important to create an experience that could lend itself to the sensibilities of the design, photography, video and architecture fields. The spirit needed to remain neutral, but not fade into the bland space of a traditional finance-based company. We landed on a geometric look, with splashes of blue and creative lifestyle imagery to strike a balance between trust and expression.



Crafting User Flow

Crafting the user flow and user experience throughout the application was one of the most important steps. We needed to create a series of screen designs that allowed users to: Sign up, Upload files, Set up payment details, Configure a project, Send project, Preview file and Receive money. We of course had to also consider success and error states and flows that would arise with entering user data.


Building the Tech

With the UX designs fleshed out, the next step was to engineer a Single-Page Web Application for Setle. We helped to create the overall server strategy and complete dev ops plan for the stack. We decided to engineer the front-end in React (with Redux and Sagas) with the back-end as a Django API layer that would interact with our database. We connected Google Cloud Platform to store design assets, while integrating with Stripe to handle the payment data. Over a few months, we were able to create the escrow concept that holds the design files until payment has been made.

A Power Shift

Setle hopes to continue to empower freelancers with their platform. They strongly believe that no creative should go unpaid while the clients get to act on the work delivered right away. With platforms like Setle, we may be able to see further shifts in the gig-economy when it comes to creative fields.