Ignite the Future

PHOENX is a sustainable design company that produces luggage using recycled and regenerated materials.

351 Studios was tasked as the primary agency to bring the brand to life across all digital platforms. Our scope started with brand development and design to visualize the essence of the PHOENX mission. Once we established the identity, we designed and developed the website, modeled 3D renderings of the suitcase and created an animated video to showcase product features. For their Kickstarter launch, we created an original video and curated assets for organic social, advertising campaigns and the page itself.


Branding, UX Design, Web Development, Marketing, Video


Shopify, Kickstarter, Social

Rise From the Ashes

The PHOENX identity is rooted in a rebirth from materials that would otherwise be though of as waste. The ethos goes beyond simply recycling, but into a true circular economy concept where materials are re-used and the design is conceived to be modular. The natural materials of Earth therefore became a key component to the company's identity.



Our Choices Matter

In our working relationship with PHOENX, 351 Studios connected them with our good friends at Oceanic Global, to create a limited edition suitcase, in which a percentage of the proceeds go towards benefitting their grassroots initiatives. We designed the suitcase to portray Oceanic's mission towards reducing plastic pollution and raising awareness around ocean health.


Kickstarter Campaign

For the Kickstarter campaign, we produced an original video, detailing the lifestyle aspects of the suitcase, as well as each major feature. In addition, we repurposed the clips of key focal points to embed as .gifs into the Kickstarter page.


PHOENX is leading by example to create a consumer cycle that intelligently re-uses materials that would otherwise become waste. Their carry-on suitcase is live on Kickstarter now!