Oceanic Global

Be Part Of The Solution

Oceanic Global is a non-profit organization that engages art, music and technology to raise awareness, educate, and empower individuals towards saving our oceans.

The 351 Studios team worked hand-in-hand with the Oceanic Global team to design and develop their brand identity from ground up. We believed wholly in their mission to not only reduce plastic use globally, but to use mixed media to empower the message.

In addition to the branded materials and website, we also helped orchestrate a 4,000 person festival in Ibiza, Spain to express Oceanic’s mission. We helped bring together musicians, DJs, performance artists, sculptors, keynote speakers and featured brands to build an immersive experience profiling the dangers society is causing to our oceans.


Branding, Web Development, Mobile App, AR / VR


Web, iOS, Social

Social Impact Evolved

Oceanic’s founder came to us with a dream of a better way for non-profits to engage their core audiences. With a passion for the oceans, they wanted to build a brand that embodied music, art and technology to inspire change. We were contracted to design and develop all visuals, including the Brand Identity, fundraising decks, communication collateral and website design.


Building a Community for Change

351 Studios built out a holistic online presence for Oceanic Global that translated seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms. The website functions not only as a key marketing tool in their pre and post-event strategy but also as a space to host post-event media, contributor articles, action steps towards saving our oceans and key facts to bring awareness to this pressing issue.

Engaging New Audiences

Oceanic Global’s “The Current” and “Hubs” sections embodies the spirit of spreading the awareness. The Current profiles artists weekly that are focusing their works in the theme of conservation. Hubs allows users from different locations across the globe to sign up and start throwing Oceanic events in their area.


A Tale for Our Ocean

On July 20th, 2017, together with Oceanic Global, we brought together over 4000 attendees for the first city-by-city immersive experience, Oceanic x Ibiza. The event showcased over 30 artists, 25 world-renowned speakers, 30+ B2B businesses at the forefront of sustainable innovation, virtual and augmented reality experiences, kids educational activities, top DJs, live music, an eco-inspired cirque, a street art show and an ocean friendly food market

Igniting Action For Ocean Conservation

351 Studios built a native iOS application using Augmented Reality technology to enhance the immersive experience on-site. Using the mobile app, the posters here act a trigger revealing a solutions-based video regarding each topic overlaid in real-time on a user's device. Each fact spoke to a different area of ocean issues, ranging from plastic pollution to coral bleaching.


Achieving More, Together

In 2018, Oceanic Global launched The Oceanic Standard, a guide to provide the hospitality industry with easy, cost-effective alternatives to habitually used products and processes that threaten our environment. They've grown the partnership network to over 100 high-profile restaurants and venues. 351 Studios designed The Oceanic Standard’s certification badges awarded to businesses for becoming Straw-Free Certified, Sustainability Stewards or Ocean Champions. We also developed custom functionality to map each venue on the website.


Oceanic Global connects with universal passions of art, music, fashion, hospitality, technology to save our oceans. 351Studios is proud to have been part of helping Oceanic Global in this important mission.