Lux Beauty Club

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Lux Beauty Club is a company aiming to give women a variety of affordable and responsibly-sourced hair extensions.

After a fully-funded kickstarter campaign for the patented Magnet Hair Extensions and a complete revamp of their supply chain from China to India, Lux Beauty Club came to us looking to refresh their brand to reflect these two major milestones..

In addition to this new company mission, Lux Beauty Club also wanted to create a visual identity that was more closely connected to their vibrant, powerful and diverse female consumer.


Branding, UX Design, Web Development


Web, Mobile, Social

Building a Brand That People Love and Trust

351 Studios worked with the Lux Beauty Club team to create a new brand identity and a new e-commerce website to showcase their line of human and synthetic hair extensions.


Approachable, Inclusive and Appealing

Lux Beauty Club wanted 351 Studios to develop a look and feel that was just like the Lux Beauty Club mission - approachable, inclusive and appealing to their consumer. We worked closely to design the logo, simple and elegant, just like the Lux Beauty Club consumer. The color palette, composed of hues of purple, greens, and pinks, is soft and cohesive but to let the product and beautiful diversity of the models be the visual key of the pages.


The Perfect Hair Extensions to Match Your Lifestyle

We wanted the brand to display the product in an environment that felt designed for everybody. We incorporated crisp, clear fonts on the website to complement the simplicity of the logo. We built out a custom “Build Your Hair Extension Profile” quiz for new and returning users to figure out the best type of Lux Beauty Club extensions to match their needs.

Thicker, Fuller Hair Now

To highlight to transformation of hair extensions, we built a custom before-and-after slider to be featured at the bottom of the product pages, customized to for each product type. We also built out a product-specific installation video feature to help future and existing customers see how easy Lux Beauty Club hair extensions are to use.


Trust in Quality and Consistency

351 Studios built out a fully functional e-commerce website across desktop and mobile platforms. We developed their product pages, customizable blog posts, subscription billing features, and incorporated weekly newsletters for Lux Beauty Club customers.


Lux Beauty Club wants to make every woman feel instantly more confident by having the hair of their dreams at a price point that is affordable for all. 351 Studios is proud to have been a part of this special project bringing Lux Beauty Club’s vision to life.