Good Apple

Media Buying, Done Right

Good Apple is a NY-based digital marketing agency that focuses on media buying and strategy.

351 Studios was contacted by Good Apple to completely revamp their brand identity and website. As their brand is well known in the digital space, we kept some staples such as their base color, but completely breathed new life into it by expanding the palette and choosing a typeface more friendly and inviting. Based on the identity we crafted, they translated the system into a cohesive interior design for their new office.


Branding, UX Design, Web Development


Web, Mobile, Print, Presentation, Office

Small Agency, Big Results

The main point of their redesign was to humanize the company and team to the world. Their bright and upbeat staff called "The Apples", had a positivity about them that needed to be translated to a visual system. Good Apple wanted to feel like an extension of clients' teams, allowing them to solve problems in a creative and immersive way.



Driving Results

Main aspects of the Good Apple web redesign were to create hubs for their case studies and service offerings. Their case studies were to show the undeniable value that their team brought to each campaign. 351 Studios created a unique template system for Good Apple to showcase their client case studies while focusing on the high-impact results.


Bringing it to Life

After we completed the brand designs, the Good Apple team worked to revamp their new office space using the fresh brand identity. The color palettes used, as well as, some unique signage gave the office the human-centric touch they were seeking.

Marketing Humanized

Good Apple redefines what is thought of as a digital marketing company by bringing their unique creativity and vision to what could be perceived as a dry corporate business.