Ethereal Summit

How Blockchain Will Transform Our Future

Ethereal Summit is an event series that explores the blockchain ecosphere through music, art and interactive technology.

351 Studios led the brand design, web design and development for the Ethereal Summit.

In addition, we designed the event collateral and marketing assets for the  New York 2018 event series.


Branding, UX Design, Web Development


Web, Mobile, Social

The “SXSW of Blockchain”

We collaborated with the Ethereal team to flesh out their logo and then proceeded forward with the brand design.


Storytelling and Knowledge Sharing

We designed a styleguide for Ethereal Summit composed of modern and subtle shades of blues, purples and grays. We designed custom animation elements to add a fluid dynamic throughout the page. The homepage channeled a call-to-action to drive ticket sales through their proprietary link, as well as fleshing out their Press, About, Arts and Contact pages.


Building Our Decentralized Future, Together

We built a website engineered to be modular to support panel lineups, speakers and other media elements to create buzz around the event taking place on May 11 - 12 at the The Knockdown Center in New York. The website was fully functional on desktop and on mobile, allowing participants to check key event information before and during the event on their mobile phones. We built out the artist profile pages for the Ethereal NY 2018 Arts Grant, an exhibition composed of an international group of contemporary artists working with public blockchains as a medium for conceptual and social experimentation.

A Fluid, Open, Networked Innovation

While being a key marketing tool for the New York event, the website also functioned as a space to host post-event media from their previous 2017 events in San Francisco and New York.

We incorporated event highlights, video capabilities, photo galleries and past speakers, creating a continued narrative throughout their event series.


Doing Good Through Thoughtful Investment

In addition to the branding and web development, we created a variety of live experience assets for the event at Knockdown Center. We designed event posters and programmes, as well as the details for the dynamic splash backgrounds for the panels throughout the event.


The Ethereal Summit is a proven success with every continued event in their series. 351 Studios is proud to be a partner in this important conversation which brings together thinkers from all walks of life.