Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

A clear roadmap for enterprise

An enterprise-grade consortium that connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors to develop new blockchain and Ethereum standards.

ConsenSys, an Ethereum incubation agency, came to us to build the brand identity and develop the website for Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.


Branding, UX Design, Web Development


Web, Mobile

Be an Open Source Standard, Not a Product.

When building the brand identity, we felt that the logo mark and spirit had to be an extension of Ethereum itself. We drew inspiration from the logo, color palette and visual aesthetic to create a substantial evolution from Ethereum to Enterprise.


Leverage Existing Standards

After group discussions with the consortiums founding members, we agreed on the brand's look and the website's user-flow. It was important to integrate DocuSign into the membership form as well as email confirmation workflows. We set out with the task of developing on Wordpress to allow the flexibility of blog posts, media coverage and user handling.


Build, Promote, and Broadly upport Ethereum-Based Technology

We coordinated with the leading partners of the EEA to design and engineer the best workflow for their demographic. We integrated services like Docusign to ensure the legal paperwork was emailed securely.

Trust, Privacy and Performance

We released the responsive website for EEA dedicated to growing new members and showcasing the big names already involved.

Press came pouring in across all blogs within the cryptocurrency space. In a rally of Ethereum and Crypto-based events following that weekend, the new announcement sent Ether's price to new dimensions.


The New Hot Topic in The Blockchain

The website encourages people and businesse to sign up for the Alliance and produce legally binding contracts to be sent. Scaling had to also be considered as corporate giants such as JPMorgan, Santander, BBVA would be using the platform.


The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance project plays an important role in standardizing approaches to Ethereum-based technology and transactions. 351 Studios was able to create a centralized space for existing and new members of the Alliance to continue working together to make strides in this important space.