Dumpling House

From Concept to Virality

Dumpling House Media is a full content, product creation and manufacturing studio. Dumpling House offers video, marketing, and studio services to connect brands with influencers.

As a production studio focused on viral and social media content production, Dumpling House Media came to 351 Studios to create a website that reflected their unique look and voice for their two ventures, Dumpling House Studios and Dumpling House Labs.


Web Development, Branding


Web, Mobile, Social

Think memes, not Mad Men

Working in collaboration with Dumpling House’s in-house animation team, we built off their original logo and nostalgic brand identity to create a website that brought together 90’s graphics, neon tones, vintage video game elements and media elements reflective of their voice and brand.


That’s right, we said it

Dumpling House Media wants to do for your content what Avatar did for the film industry. The strategy behind the web product was one that was intrinsically tied to the strong visual identity of the brand and the planning of the type of content to be hosted on the site.


Engaging With Stories, Not Simply Ads

We worked hand-in-hand with the Dumpling House team to decide on site's UI/UX, category structure, and functionality of the site, easily adaptable to host content and products as they become available.

Cohesive Yet Customized

The Dumpling House team wanted each page to have a nostalgic feel from a different era. We built out different elements, such as the interactive video arcade to display their array of influencer partners or the From Concept to Cart video game console on Dumpling House Labs, with built-in easter eggs for those original video game fans.


Making Your Content, and Your Product, Stand Out

As both a content and manufacturing studio, Dumpling House Media needed a cohesive website that had functionality for both of these properties. 351 Studios created a clear site navigation for the homepage, with distinct, yet on-brand visuals for Dumpling House Studios and Dumpling House Labs.

The Product Pros

The Dumpling House Media team has years of product manufacturing and distribution, and wanted us to build a digital space for their property As Seen on Social, which targets both retailers and influencers. The result was Dumpling House Shop - a starting point for influencers looking to expand their brand of products or for retailers looking to add a customized assortment to their store’s inventory.


Dumpling House Media creates exciting content and products everyday, across a variety of digital properties.. 351 Studios was proud to have the opportunity to create a digital application that was as unique and as fun as the Dumpling House Media brand.